Weird hearing this song with an opera voice , since the original was so light , but aside from just preference you did pretty good. You have an amazing voice. :)


Hey thanks! I really appreciate that. Yeah, I sound NOTHING like Clear I’m afraid, so my take on this song was purely my version without any influence from him. Thank you for having the open mindedness to appreciate the piece despite the unusual genre combination. <3 

[DMMD] Jellyfish Lullaby
Nathanael Platier


Dramatical Murder: Jellyfish Lullaby 

It’s finally done!!

This was based off that very very small theme that was sung in Dramatical Murder episode 4, which you can find here.

I had the wonderful opportunity to collaborate with two other musicians and I feel this turned into a beautiful song as a whole! I did the full instrumental, and these magnificent people added the vocals and live violin to it!!

An instrumental version will be uploaded later as well.

Please make sure to also send some love to the people below !!~ <3

Vocalist: VaaMusicalMike

Violinist: Kiwiturtlemusic

It was an honor and a pleasure to provide the vocals for this. Congratulations to Kiwi for doing an outstanding job on the violin, truly a phenomenal performance. Kudos of course to Nathanael for creating the instrumental in such a short amount of time with such quality. Great job you two!

health update;


So, friends, as it would turn out the doctor seems to think that the infection never fully healed / left in my jaw. i’ve been in a lot of pain over the past few weeks but i assumed that it was from having TMD (it’s a joint disorder in your jaw) but nope. the root canal i got is the culprit. i’m…

mario gets hyped for 99 lives

Jul 9

You have a really beautiful, rich voice I really hope I get to here it more often!!! I would love to hear some more stuff by you!!


I totally need to keep making stuff, I’m very good at falling off of the face of the earth lol. That said I’ve been doing more voice acting lately as well so hopefully this will keep me on track =3

Jul 9

You're honestly amazing! Keep up the amazing work! I'll be eagerly waiting for more!

That’s really sweet of you to say! I’ll make sure to keep producing stuff for sure. =3

Jul 4



i heard you can summon  if you say leomon three times

im gonna try it




*Perks ears*


A poly-religious nation should never be ruled by mono-religious law. 

Nathanael Platier


Just some orchestral practice.

Decided to do the new Super Smash Bros WiiU/3ds Theme
I’ll probably expand the song eventually and add different themes but for now I’m content with the way it is now. I kept the intro SFX just because it sounds cool. X___X

What do you guys think?

(Link to another song I’ve done)

Nice remix! 

Ask Me Anything

In order to keep proper contact with everyone, I just wanted you to know my Tumblr tab is open quite often. If you’d ever like to say something to me, to ask a question, or anything, feel free to do so. In order to avoid clutter I will only answer some publicly at my own descretion, but know that I will reply to any message sent to me.

You have the power to immortalize my work

So, as you may have noticed, in the past I have had a habit of removing songs from Tumblr. This is because I was self conscious of them being up b/c they are old and I want to improve on them, but I realize this was poor judgment. Now here’s where I checkmate myself. If you reblog ANY of my songs, then I CANNOT DELETE THEM FROM THE INTERNET. Why? These files are individually uploaded to Tumblr so I cannot remove them from an external site. Knowing this, I concede defeat to my beautiful fans and I will stop deleting them here because hey, if you can keep them out of harm’s way there’s no point for me to erase them. <3 One reblog is all it takes to make it impossible for me to remove the mp3 from Tumblr.

Thanks for keeping me in check guys, love you.

"Reflection" (2011)
Musical Mike

Now HERE’S an old cover lol, 2011, goodness.

Once Upon a December (2012)
Musical Mike

Another fun one from Anastasia! 

Journey to the Past (2013)
Musical Mike

Did this last December after seeing Liz Callaway (voice of Anastasia) in concert! 

"Bella Notte" (2013)
Musical Mike

Older disney cover!